“Oxygen can become toxic when there is a partial increase of its pressure more than the normal atmospheric pressure”

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Mask is advised to be used where necessary as you need more clean / pure oxygen in your blood.
Prophet Joachim Francis point of view.

If people can make oxygen in Mars what’s stopping you from thinking that the same people can’t poison the same oxygen on earth? And make you think its a virus? Let me enlighten you a bit!

Oxygen can become toxic when there is a partial increase of its pressure more than the normal atmospheric pressure.

A condition known as HYPEROXIA is the increase of the level of oxygen intake that  causes seizures, vision impairment (myopia), failure of the alveoli in the lungs which can lead to failure to breath The oxygen you inhale can kill you if you are exposed in conditions that’s either have lower atmospheric pressure…

Now imagine people who are rushed to the Oxygen support!!!

Guess why they die easily, simple science. So basically you’re not dealing with covid.
You are dealing with oxygen poisoning causing oxidation stress.

This is what kills people and causes respiratory and pulmonary failure. So, you are  wearing a mask from morning till noon forces you to breath more because ofcourse under the mask you will need more oxygen (you will have more oxygen level in your blood than normal); then, you suddenly remove your mask and your body cells now need to balance the Oxygen concetration level. Suddenly,  someone starts to feel dizzy, experiences shortage of breath and immediately is  rushed to the oxygen support, then the person dies and you say its covid.

It’s not the covid group of virus making people not to breath. Viruses don’t attack cell tissues. They inhabit the DNA host and control the red blood cell’s molecular activity.

In short, the cell becomes like a zombie. What causes failure of respiratory system is the excess oxygen molecules that attack plasma membranes of the respiratory cell tissues.

Covid is just one of the factors causing OXIDATIVE STRESS. Because what happens is that,  once the RNA virus cell inhabits the cell’s host, it causes an increase in the Reactive Oxygen intermediates in the cell’s mitochondria that causes a chain of molecular reactions.

What you need to know is that, 95% of the oxygen molecules you inhale goes into your red blood cell and gets stored in the mitochondria. The remaining percent roams freely as reactive oxygen molecules that can react with other molecules in the body tissues. If then these molecules are in higher concetration,  they could overpower your bodies antioxidants and attack different body tissues by acting as antigens. This process is called OXIDATIVE STRESS. It slowly kills you since your body cells produces other oxygen molecules in high concetration that becomes toxic. This is the major cause of cancer and other diseases as well.

As I said, covid is just one of the factors that cause oxidative stress. Others are air pollution, toxins, excessive alcohol, smoking cigarettes, bacterial, fungal and virus infection, excessive iron intake, radiation, high blood pressure and other factors.

It’s the antioxidants that balances the level of Oxygen concetration in the body. Foods that are rich in vitamin E and C are antioxidants. So taking fruits and vegetables reduces chances of experiencing oxidative stress.

So, be mindful of your diet, don’t wear masks for too long and take care of your health.

Prophet Joachim Francis

Everyone must protect himself or herself. Mask should be used mostly in public areas and all areas thought unsafe. Otherwise, have sufficient oxygen for good health. Exercise as much as you can. Drink a lot of clean water. Eat fruits and green vegetables. Keep distance where necessary. Avoid stigmatization. Be updated from the Ministry of Health as well as reliable media.


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